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They tell you one thing one day; a different thing the next.They coerce; they upcharge warranty's by 3 times a much.

Then they change all the numbers in the contract to reflect a lower amount so if you try to get a refund it shows you paid much less. They purposely dont give a clear print out of numbers and they even tried to get me to pay for a car i had never seen! Then they tried to get me to take delivery without giving me the numbers.

TRUST ME DONT GO HERE!there are plenty of other dealerships and Camelback treated me well.

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Right Toyota Completely Satisfied

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Right toyota delivers!I currently having my car serviced at Right Toyota.

For the past three years this dealership has always,in all cases Sales, Parts, Service exceeded my expectations.

In a time when service is lacking that personal touch and a real experience that is lacking in most business enviornments.When things get tough the tough stop servicing those who keep them in business,,,but not the case with Right Toyota they are simply the modle dealerships and companys should strive to become.You should come and see the difference for yourself.Love my 2010 Prius, and Wifes 2010 Tacoma.

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Right Toyota Service Department screwed me on a warranty issue.

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Right Toyota, of Scottsdale Arizona refused to cover under warranty a transfer case that failed on our '07 FJ on the assertion that it was towed, and therefore it voided the warranty.This, despite the fact that the drive shaft had always been disconnected during towing, and therefore towing could not have caused the transfer case failure.

You cannot tow the FJ straight out of the box. You must use a drive shaft disconnect kit. Hundreds are being towed with that same kit, with no problem. We had no problem for over 10,000 miles of towing!

Shame on them!

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I am confused, how did tehy ***?Toyota dealerships get paid for doing warranty work, if your vehicle qualifued for warranty work they would fix it so they get paid by the manufactor.

It is advouse that your vehicle did not qualilfy for warranty work because you damaged the car your self.

It is not a defect of the vehicle it is a defect of the operator who caused the car to fail.Stop blaming other for the fact you didn't get the work done for free.

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